• Suppository Filling and sealing Machine

ZS-3 Fully Automatic pharmaceutical Suppository Filling and sealing Machine for Suppository Virgin

ZS-3 automatic suppository filling and sealing machine can automatically complete all processes of making, filling, cooling, forming and sealing of suppositories. The unit is controlled by a PLC program, operated by an industrial man-machine interface, and has a high degree of automation. Due to its complete functions, the output is not high and the floor area is small. It is especially suitable for hospital preparation rooms and small pharmaceutical factories with limited production area and low output.

Machine is mainly composed of four parts:

1. suppository tape making

2. Suppository perfusion

3. suppository freezer

4. suppository sealing

Technical Parameters

1.Capacity: 5000-6000 capsules / hour

2. Single dose: 0.5-3.7ml

3. Filling error: ± 3%

4. Suppository shape: bullet head, torpedo shape

5. Center distance: 17.4mm

6, the number of mold particles: 3

7, sheet specifications: height: 56, 58 mm thickness: 0.14 ± 0.01mm.

8. Storage tank capacity: 50L

9. Filling height: 2000 mm

10. Power supply voltage: three-phase AC 380V

11. Power: 9kW

12. Air pressure: 0.55-0.65MP

13. Air consumption: 1.0m3 / min

14. Water consumption: 480L / h

15. Dimensions: 2700 × 1720 × 2300 mm

16. Total weight: 1200kg

Process route and working principle

Rolled packaging material (PVC, PVC / PE) → Preheating → Welding → Knurling → Blow Molding → Filling → Cooling Setting → Preheating → Sealing → Lot Numbering → Tear Line → Cut Bottom Edge → All Upper Edges → Count Cut


1. It adopts PLC programmable control and human-machine interface operation, which is easy to operate and has a high degree of automation.

2. Wide adaptability, can inject gelatin matrix and traditional Chinese medicine products with large viscosity, can adapt to coils of various materials, such as PVC,PVC / PE, PVC / PVDC / PE.

3. Special temperature sensor and microcomputer control system are used to achieve high precision constant temperature control of the mold.

4. The motor drives the cam mechanism and the combination of pneumatic to feed 3 shells each time.

5. It adopts a plug-in linear perfusion mechanism, which is accurate in positioning and does not drip medicine or hang on the wall.

6. The liquid storage tank has a large capacity and is equipped with a constant temperature and stirring device.

7. Continuous cooling shaping technology, using gossip trajectory curve of one end in and one end out, to make the suppository shell after infusion band Get sufficient cooling and setting to achieve liquid-solid conversion.

8. The sealing part adopts three-stage preheating, and the preheating effect is good.

9. Continuous belt making, continuous sealing, and the number of shearing particles can be set arbitrarily.



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