• Electronic Cigarette Pods Packing Machine

Electronic Cigarette Pods Packing Machine

electronic cigarette pods packing machine is a plastic blister packing machine, the model of plastic can be PVC, PE, PET, PVC/PE and so on.

electronic cigarette pods packing machine is applicable for the packing of medicine, food, medical equipment, cosmetics and so on.

The major feature is to install the mold quickly. Suitable for factories with a wide range of products and frequent mold replacement. It can save a lot of costs.



Name. Servo Motor

Function: Stable tow control

Name: Cursor Point To Point

Function: Plate printing



Name.Control Stystem

Function:Stable tow control

Name: Vacant Mould

Function:Increse the speed of mould replacement


The biggest characteristic of this Electronic Cigarette Pods Packing Machine is using mold positioning design, convenient for customers to replace the mold, reduce debugging time and material cost, the key parts are made of high-quality stainless steel and high-grade Aluminum Alloy materials by machining center (CNC), mirror line cutting and other high precision CNC equipment into one processing type, retain the original texture finishing, highlight the noble quality. The transparent protective cover of fine workmanship arc to ensure the safety and the drawing processing of stainless steel cover operation add unlimited style for the overall design, the mechanical products can also bloom artistic charm, the whole process of the details of the pursuit of perfection concept throughout the design and production.


The effective width of packaging material


Guide roller width

280mmAluminum alloy material

Aluminum plastic working speed


Machine max working speed


PVC forming area and depth


Servo motor control step-less adjustable stroke


Air volume flow


Total machine power


Packing size(mm)


Machine net weight


Quick Replacement of Dies


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