Standard Operating Procedures For Alu PVC Blister Packing Machine
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1. Preparation before operation of Alu PVC blister packing machine

1.1 comprehensively check whether all parts of the machine, power supply, gas, water, etc. are normal.

1.2 collect PVC and aluminum foil corresponding to the production of intermediate products.

Standard Operating Procedures For Alu PVC Blister Packing Machine

1.3 replace the steel particles with the corresponding batch number of the intermediate products and stick a double-layer adhesive tape under the font to avoid pressing through PVC and aluminum foil.

2. Operation of Alu PVC blister packing machine

2.1 turn on the power switch and open the water supply valve;

2.2 press the preheating switch and heater switch, respectively heat the PVC heating roller (adjust to 155-160 ℃), the aluminum foil heating roller (adjust to 185-190 ℃) and the batch number steel character (120-130 ℃);

2.3 install PVC and aluminum foil according to the specified direction, make the name of aluminum foil medicine consistent with the batch number direction, put PVC around the heating roller and stick it on the forming roller, and finally join with aluminum foil at the heating roller of aluminum foil.

2.4 when the preset temperature is reached, press the start switch, the main machine rotates clockwise, PVC bypasses PVC heating roller, feeding hopper, aluminum foil heating roller, tensioning wheel, batch number device, and punching die in turn.

2.5 press the "pressing, punching, vacuum, batch number" key and start switch, and the machine will rotate to check whether the finished products of punching and cutting meet the requirements. The font direction of batch number steel should be the same as that of the font on the aluminum foil. If it is the opposite, the direction of aluminum foil or batch number steel can be changed.

2.6 check whether the net pattern and batch number of aluminum-plastic products are clear, whether the aluminum-plastic compression is flat, whether the punching is complete, and whether the batch number is perforated.

2.7 after the inspection, the machine operates normally, put down the hopper and add the qualified intermediate products. 

2.8 open the discharge valve, adjust the feeding speed to be consistent with the machine speed, press the "brush wheel" switch, and adjust the normal speed, so as not to affect the quality of the intermediate products; 

2.9 starts the production operation after the machine operates normally;

2.10 during the production process, the appearance quality of the finished aluminum and plastic products and the operation of the machine must be checked frequently. In case of any abnormality, the machine shall be shut down immediately for inspection, and the production can only be carried out after it is normal;

2.11 after production, press the main stop switch to turn off the cooling water.

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