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 Dec 19, 2019|View:957

Wish u a Merry Christmas!!


Christmas cards (Christmas cards) are very popular in the United States and Europe. Many families bring annual family photos or family news with the cards. News generally includes the advantages and family advantages of family members in the past year. On Christmas Day, it is pointed out that the ideal of a world unity in the world can only be achieved through words and deeds of peace and love. Sending a Christmas card, in addition to expressing the joy of celebrating Christmas, is a blessing to relatives and friends as a nostalgia. Especially for the relatives and friends in loneliness, it is kind care and comfort.

Earlier, it was a pair of big red socks, any size. Because Christmas socks are used to hold gifts, they are the favorite thing for children. At night, they will hang their socks next to the bed, waiting for the gift the next morning.

It is a red hat. It is said that in addition to sleeping peacefully and a little warmly at night, you will find a gift from someone who loves snacks in the hat the next day.

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