Huale Machinery always takes care and invests to quality
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Huale Machinery always takes care and invests to quality, service and technology. Our products contain High Technology, Stable working condition, and Perfect After sales service, which popular in domestic and abroad. We have got ISO: 9001 and passed CE Certification. In the hopeful 21st Century, Huale Machinery is working with you, runningforward with you to make a glory future with you!

1999---We have our first factory and began to manufacture first semi Automatic capsule filling machine DTJ-A(Botton Type)

2000---Manufactured Touch Screen Type semi sutomatic capsule filling machine DTJ-V,passed CE certification.

2003---Manufactured first DPP-A&DPP-E Blister Packing Machine,passed CE certification and ISO 9001.

2004---DTJ-V had been sold for more than 1000 sets during 4 years. 

2007---We have our second own factory and manufactured New Automatic Capsule Filling Machinery NJP series,

passed CE certification.

2009---Our company had been established for 10 years and we began to search for producing package production line and Automatic Cartoning Machinery DXH Series

2013---Manufactured first DPP-260G High Speed Blister Packing Machine

2014---The first machine DTJ-A had been used for 15 years.

2015---We are always making progress...

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